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On the Hook

Our Vision

- It's about more than fishing, it's about fellowship -


WeFish2 is a divine vision given to us to create awareness to the fishing way of life. This is an inclusive awareness that seeks to reach those who have never fished, and those who have a desire to fish, but lack the means/resources to do so. 

Our founders are men of faith from various backgrounds, ages, cultures, ethnicities, and countries - all with one common interest - fishing.


Whether you’re an occasional fisherman or a serious pro, our active wear collection is the ideal gear you need for your next outdoor activity. 


Our Founders

WeFish2 was started by a group of men who have a pure love for fishing and fellowship. The sea belongs to those who desire to learn it's power and beauty. 

We believe in being fishermen and fisher's of men by connecting people to the sea and land through the joys of fishing. 

Meet the group of men who desire to educate, share, and transfer their love and joy of fishing to all who have a desire to participate.


Reggie, CEO

I remember asking my dad to take me fishing  when I was 8 or 9 years old. He agreed and took me to the Chickahominy River in Richmond, VA. We walked to the path and my dad baited my line then he had me cast my rod and we waited. We waited so long we realized there were no fish at this spot. 

He told me to reel in my line and as I started the line got tight and he said "Reel it in, it's a BIG ONE". I did and my line snapped. I will always remember him hyping me up saying "you had a BIG ONE" and I've been hooked ever since. 


Harry, COO

Back home in Donaldsonville, LA all we do is fish, hunt and cook. When I was about 8 years old my mother took me fishing at her favorite spot and I caught a 6 pound bass. I was hooked on fishing ever since. 

WeFish2 is a way for us to provide the same experience for underprivileged kids.  One of my favorite things to do it take my boat out on a nice calm day and fish. 


Joshua, CFO

I have spent my days being a fisher of men. I have always been busy with life's responsibilities, and when I had a taste for fish, I would go to the local fish spot to pick up a sandwich for my grandma and I. 


In recent years, I have embarked upon the journey to become a fisherman.  I believe the physical act of fishing instills many qualities that can be applied to everyday life. Fishing has allowed me to build meaningful relationships that has been the core of building a successful business over the last 40 years.


Luis, VP of Design

I love the energy and passion we have for fishing. Spending time with each other doing what we love and talking about our dreams and aspirations drives me to work with this amazing group of men.


I love to design merchandise and gear that represents our love for fishing so we can share it with the world! Everyone deserves to see themselves represented in the sport of fishing and I am proud to be apart of this movement.  


Our Values

At our core, WeFish2 serves through the things we value most

God - we believe it is our Creator who empowers us to succeed in all that we do

Community - we demonstrate the love of God to our community through fellowship, community involvement, and care for our environment

Teamwork - we act with integrity everyday by taking initiative to make our company and each other better

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Our Locations

Washington, D.C. 



Tel: 703-334-6833

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